You never know when the Zombie or Cloud Apocalypse is coming. It’s good to be able to locate those buried bodies quickly and easily. OK, enough bad jokes, but haven’t you ever looked at some CFEngine policy and wondered to yourself, exactly what does “delete => tidy” or some other body or bundle do?4e5d6fc8

I have. I even wrote a crappy little perl script to locate the files that contained a specific body or bundle and then print out the single body or bundle. This past week my old script got some love. Ted Zlatanov and Bishwa Shrestha reworked it a bit so that it is no longer a hackjob, and its now included in contrib of the CFEngine core repository.

I know I have found the script useful, and it’s nice to see that other people think its useful enough to put in contrib. I want to know if you think its useful enough to be installed in your $PATH (like the CFEngine binaries) when a package is installed. I started a thread here on the help-cfengine mailing list/google group/forum. If it’s something you would find useful speak up (Here, or in the thread, or email, or whatever)! If you hate it speak up, or better yet submit a pull request to add the functionality you want :).