I know I have been pretty silent for a while, what can I say it has been busy. I did want to drop this little tip though. I use vim and gnome-terminal a LOT, so I hit ESC quite frequently. Being so close to the F1 key can be hazardous as I tend to mash the ESC key several times. I have no idea where I picked up the habbit of hitting ESC multiple times but its something I have done for a long time and I don’t see me retraining myself any time soon.

At any rate, if I miss the mark and mash F1 I get a slew of gnome-help windows, which is quite annoying to go around closing. Gnome-terminal has the ability to set (or disable) keyboard shortcuts just for gnome-terminal by navigating to Edit -> Keyboard Shortcuts. You can find the help shortcut pretty easily and clicking on it allows you to remap the keyboard shortcut but what is not so obvious at least to me was how to disable the shortcut. Well a bit of searching finally turned up the solution. Use backspace to remap the key to “Disabled”.

Happy Holiday, hopefully ill be more present in the near future.