When you get started as a SysAdmin you typically fall into one of 10 categories. You either had a mentor to show you the ropes, or you dredged through it on your on. It seems more and more the group that had or has a mentor is shrinking. I never had a mentor for the things I was most interested in, but my first boss did give good advice, and his words seem to ring in my head often. Every time I crack a case open a voice says “Don’t button it up until you know it works”. If I ever have a question of what to wear a voice says “If you dress professional, they will think your professional”.

It’s not free consulting. It’s not free training. It’s not free technical support. It is free guidance. Mentors are there to answer questions and coach, not provide dedicated training or technical support. It is important that proteges learn to learn.

Yes, its FREE. You do not have to be a member to be a protege. Everyone can benefit from having or being a mentor.

Get all the details at the LOPSA mentorship page.