Ewwww, scary isn’t it. No Its not Halloween, but you may have entered the twilight zone. Right, I never touch Microsoft products. Well in actuality sometimes I do (I just don’t brag about it). Some of the development at $work uses Microsofts Mediaroom, and I have a “Personal Server” (great name right?) that the developers use. I was trying to install the Mediaroom service pack yesterday and took some notes on the process. Some of my friends found it quite entertaining. I found it quite aggravating as you might imagine.

  1. Attempt to download update
    1. Fail
    2. You need to use IE to do that
    3. Download update with IE
    4. Unzip to desktop
    5. Attempt to apply update
    6. Failed invalid number of parameters runnix command xcopy
    7. try command manually, fail
    8. move extracted folder to C:
    9. Attempt to apply update, pass first task, fail on second
    10. stop personal server
    11. attempt to apply update, fail
    12. start personal server
    13. attempt to apply update, fail
    14. reboot server
    15. attempt update
    16. tie noose
    17. wait for gui
    18. throw rope over rafter
    19. wait for gui
    20. place noose around neck
    21. wait for gui
    22. stand on railing
    23. wait for gui
    24. attempt update
    25. fail
    26. jump from railing
    27. break leg
    28. look at rope
    29. “Made by Microsoft”
    30. FUCK
    31. reload OS
    32. reload personal server
    33. attempt update
    34. fail on run CP3 DB Tool
    35. attempt upgrade
    36. pass run CP3 DB Tool
    37. and finally
    38. success!