Ha! I have trapped you with my sensationalized headline. Or you didn’t read this just like I wouldn’t have :P.

I don’t know about anyone else but I had to turn off some of my feeds over the past several days. I was sick and tired of all the Chrome OS posts filtering about the net. It’s not that I don’t think having google behind another linux platform is a bad idea. Really I think that will be great for Linux in general. The more average people who are exposed to well packaged Linux distributions the better. What I was tired of was all of the sensationalism surrounding it. Here are some of my favorite titles.

Actually I didn’t read all of these because I couldn’t get past the headlines. For example “Chrome OS: But Will it Run Photoshop?”. Seriously is there an actual readership for these stories? Were they written to incite flame-wars? Riddled with in-accuracies and presumptions. I don’t know I’ve just had it up to my ears with with these stories. At any rate just reading the headlines is worth a chuckle.

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